Benefits of outsourcing embroidery digitizing services

Benefits of outsourcing embroidery digitizing services

Promotional products like caps, bags, t-shirts etc which are given away by business play a very important role in spreading awareness about the brand and helps in marketing of the products and services. Digitized embroidery on those items makes them look appealing and interesting. To ensure that those embroidered items look great it is advisable to hire services of a professional digitized embroidery company in UK.


What does digitized mean for embroidery?

The process of digitized embroidery is complex. It involves numerous steps, which need to be followed to the precision. A company providing embroidery digitizing services first takes the piece of original artwork or logo which is required to be embroidered on the promotional merchandise. The artwork or logo is converted into a stitch guide file using digitizing embroidery software. The stitch guide file is then used by the embroidery machine for creating the final embroidery. This process of converting the artwork into a stitch file which is read by an embroidery machine and interpreted in the form of different stitches on cloth, is known as digitized embroidery. Businesses can have their company logos, mascots, slogans etc. embroidered on various products for promotional purpose.

Why is Digitized Embroidery so important for a business?

Digitized embroidery plays a very important role in the marketing and promotion of a business. The quality of the embroidered merchandise and products which are distributed to the customers and prospective clients, determine the image and reputation of the company. If the quality and embroidery of the merchandise is poor, it would reflect negatively on the company’s quality of products and services. Digitizing the embroidery designs helps in creating top quality embroidery on a variety of fabrics. Digitization of the embroidery designs also helps in creating embroidered artwork and logos exactly like their images provided by the clients. The artworks and logos which look perfect help in giving the business a sophisticated and polished look.

What is the best digitizing embroidery design software?

It is very difficult to choose from the wide range of digitizing embroidery design software available in the market. Below mentioned are some of the best digitizing embroidery design software, which can help create some of the best digitized artwork and logos in embroidery form.

Wilcom Hatch Embroidery Software:

This software helps in the editing and creation of wonderful embroidered designs right from scratch. It helps in developing stunning logos and monograms as well. The software is available with a 30 days free trial. So why not try your hand at this amazing software before buying the paid version.

Wilcom Advanced Digitizing Software:

This advanced version offers innovation and advancement in both technical and creative side. Many new stitching effects are introduced in this version. It offers super fast digitizing speed. The software includes 200 professional fonts which can help the embroidery look even more professional.

Brother PE Design Lite Embroidery Software:

It is one of the best digitizing embroidery design software which can be used by both individuals and companies. It offers a lot of diversity in providing options and features to the users for their digitization needs.

Husqvarna Viking 6D Premier:

Husqvarna Viking 6D has an inbuilt wizard which easily convert any artwork or logo to the cloth. The wizard can create beautiful designs using various images and illustrations.

How are outsourcing embroidery digitizing services more beneficial?

Now that we know more about digitized embroidery and its benefits for a business, let us know understand why it is more feasible and beneficial to outsource the embroidery digitizing services.

1. Cost effective: We know that digitized embroidery is cost effective and time saving as compared to hand embroidery. The competition in the embroidery digitized services sector is high and hence the best companies are ready to provide top class digitized embroidery services at affordable rates. Having an in house embroidery department may not be as cost efficient as outsourcing the services to a professional digital branding company.

2. Time Saving: Digitizing the embroidery is a complex process. It is time consuming to get embroidery digitized and then get it embroidered on the final product. If you outsource the embroidery digitizing services, you can have more time on hand to focus on your business and its marketing needs.

3. Take your business to new heights: If you outsource your digitized embroidery needs to a professional company, you will be able to maintain a good balance of their technical skills and your resource. This will help push your business and help it to scale new heights

4. Superior Technical knowledge and skills: An experienced professional digitized embroidery services provider will have excellent technical knowledge and skills. Their superior skills can help in creating the best designs and create perfect final products, which will in return help in boosting your promotions and sales.

5. Overhead expenditure: Having an in house digitized embroider may not be feasible as you will have to pay fixed salaries, offer benefits etc. By hiring an outsourced service provider you need not worry about any overhead expenditure. You only have to pay for the services availed. These cost savings would be highly beneficial for your business growth.

Therefore we can say that outsourcing of embroidery digitizing services is beneficial for the growth and success of a business.

Digitized embroidery services in UK

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