Creative Business Card Ideas for Surrey Start-ups and Small Businesses

Creative Business Card Ideas for Surrey Start-ups and Small Businesses

Does anyone use business cards in 2023, when technology is leading in everything? Does your business still need a business card to make its mark in the minds of your potential clients? Yes!

Though technology is at the forefront of everything, online media has gotten all the attention and interest, but print media still has its own league.

People say, "We should never forget our roots," and here, when it comes to marketing and branding, our roots are print media. The earliest way to advertise.

Mega corps even today follow the traditional way along with modern ways of advertising, they will use social media as well as business cards to reach their customers.

In this blog, let’s explore why business cards are still relevant and important and some of the most creative business card ideas for Surrey start-ups and small businesses that can easily help these businesses build their reach.

Why Are Business Cards Important?

First Impressions: Business cards are the easiest way to create your business’s first impression. Your potential customers can be anywhere, and you cannot take the risk of letting go of them just because you were not able to share your details with them. 

Tangible and Memorable: You cannot carry a pen or paper with you everywhere you go, and there’s a chance that in a world full of notifications from email and other apps on a person’s phone, your business notification can get overlooked and you can lose your potential client. But if you hand them your business card with a firm handshake, that will definitely create a strong impact on your client and make your brand memorable.

The Face of Your Brand: Your business card works as the face of your brand. When you hand your business card into your potential client’s hand, that is the moment when a client decides 50% if he wants to deal with your business or not! That is the impact of your business card.

Authenticity and Trust: Your business card shows that you have a business and that you are professional and serious. And you don’t want to miss any chance to get a new customer. A business card creates the authenticity of the brand. It makes people trust your company and your brand, and what else does an early-blooming business need more than the fact that your customers trust your business?

Business cards for Surrey Start-ups and Small Businesses

Starting your business or running a small business in a city that is already populated and advanced enough is not an easy task. There are already plenty of such fish in the sea, so why will people choose your business? Thinking about all this can create doubt in your mind, but if the market is big, then it’s an opportunity in the face of challenges to make your business even bigger. And there is nothing better than starting one step at a time. Start with a well-built business card; that will even give you confidence.

If you are starting a new venture, you should not underestimate the power of a strategically built business card. Small businesses need more marketing and branding in comparison to the biggies to create their own niche and place in the market.

When starting up a business or running a small business in Surrey, it’s important to go with the trends but also to carry our uniqueness and our roots with us. It’s best to take advantage of both traditional and modern marketing and advertising.

When it comes to business cards, we can’t go with the approach of "one size fits all" as your business card should represent your business. Treat your business card like the main door of your company, and understand that people will only knock if they like the door, and if they feel on that side of the door, there’s a solution to their problem.

 There are various creative business card ideas that can simply help your business increase its client reach.

Creative business card ideas

 There are various options using which you can build your business card; there are business cards in different designs, materials, finishes, and sizes. But you should choose a business card that reflects your brand easily but is also of good quality and unique.

Your business card should be made of good-quality material, and it should represent your business with a theme colour, your business logo, and all the important details such as name, number, address, and company name. The business card should neither be too big nor too small in size. The business card should be built strategically.

 Here are a few ideas you can use for creating your unique business card.

Laminated Matt Business Cards

Because of their sleek and beautiful design, matte laminated business cards are a popular option among professionals and enterprises. These cards are laminated, which gives the surface a matte feel and results in a smooth, non-reflective texture.

Matt lamination lends a classy and high-end touch to business cards. The absence of gloss provides an understated elegance that appeals to a wide range of industries, including banking, law, and luxury goods.

 The matte laminated cards' smooth texture feels professional and solid in the hand, making a lasting impression on receivers.

Lamination gives a protective covering to the cards, making them more sturdy and resistant to wear and tear. This guarantees that your business cards stay in perfect shape over time.

Economy business cards

Economy business cards, also known as inexpensive or affordable business cards, are a cost-effective choice for people and organisations wishing to establish professional networking tools.

Standard finishes, like matte or gloss, are common on economy cards.

 The key advantage of economy business cards is their low cost. These cards are intended to convey important contact information while remaining inexpensive.

Spot UV business cards. 

Spot UV business cards are a stylish and eye-catching solution for professionals and businesses wishing to make a lasting impression. The phrase "spot UV" refers to a printing process that involves applying a clear and glossy layer of ultraviolet (UV) coating to select sections of the card, providing a contrast between matte and shiny surfaces.

 Spot UV business cards show professionalism and attention to detail. They are frequently used by companies in the creative sectors, luxury firms, and those aiming to project a premium image.

Vintage business cards

Vintage or retro-style business cards are a delightful and nostalgic option for companies and people wishing to incorporate nostalgia and character into their networking tools.

This design style is influenced by the past, generating a feeling of timelessness and refinement.


You cannot give this job to any agency without experience and a sense of creativity. That’s why it’s important to choose a reliable agency for business card design and printing services.

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