How can business cards be recycled or reused?

How can business cards be recycled or reused?

Business cards need updating when your contact numbers change or when you shift your office to a new location or address.

One may need to change their business cards in case of a promotion or change of profile in the company or when one changes job and moves on to another company. So what should one do with the old business cards? Should you shred the old business cards? Can you recycle old business cards?

Throwing away old business cards is nothing but a waste of paper, which is not recommended. Yes, recycling the old visiting cards is a very good idea and you can make so many interesting things from them.

We’ve come up with some practical but fun ideas to reuse the old visiting cards/business cards.

  • Bookmarks

Are you an avid book reader? Do you like searching for recipes in different cookbooks? You can make interesting bookmarks from your old business cards and use to save your last read page in your novel or to highlight a recipe you liked.

All you need to do is cut a triangular flap in the middle of each visiting card and you will have a bookmark which can perfectly sit on your saved pages. If you want to make them more interesting and attractive, you can paint them or decorate them with stickers.

  • Labels

Labelling is the best way to keep all the files and documents organized at work and at home. Your business cards can be used as labels for labelling your drawers or files or folders, wherever required.

You can use the blank side of the visiting card to write down the name of the folder or drawer etc. Stick them or attach them for easy identification. In case your cards don’t have any blank side, you can paint any one side and then write over the painted plain side. 

  • Gift tags

Make interesting, colourful gift tags with your old business cards. Paint and decorate your cards and store them for future use. Each time you pack a gift, adorn it with a handmade, artistic gift tag. Add some personal touch to your gifts with personalized gift tags.

  • New business cards

 If you are the artistic types and want to do something interesting, you can make colourful, attractive new upcycled business cards from your old cards. Just paint the cards in colours you like, and then either you can get your information printed on the painted cards or you can artistically write down your information on the painted cards.

You can draw your logo or create some interesting artwork to make the business cards look innovative and beautiful. It is a time- consuming process, but the final result would be worth the time spent.

  • Business cards box

Your old business cards are no longer useful and you have already ordered a new set. So what will you do with the old cards, why not make a business cards box with them and use it store the new ones. Layer the cards in the shape of a box and stick them with PVA glue. To get a sturdy box, it is advisable to use more visiting cards to add to the thickness.  

  • Deck of playing cards

Are you a card game lover? Do you enjoy playing card games with your family and friends? You can make your own customized playing card deck by recycling your old visiting cards. Paint the cards or stick stickers or colourful papers on them, and you will have your own card deck ready. 

  • Guitar picks

If your old business cards are made of high-quality card material then they could be used as guitar picks. Check online for tutorials on how to cut your own guitar pick, and you will have several guitars picks handy at your disposal.

  • Origami

We all know that origami best works with good quality paper with decent thickness. Your old visiting cards are of ideal thickness and quality to try out some beautiful origami crafts. You can make anything right from a bright-looking orb to a colourful pyramid to some cute little origami animals. Who knew business cards could be so much fun as well?

  • Recycle

If you are not the artistic kinds and you don’t wish to make something out of your old business cards no worries you still won’t need to throw them away. You can recycle your business cards with other paper materials like newspapers, magazines etc. While ordering your business cards remember to ask for recyclable paper or material for your cards. This will make it easy for you to recycle them when not required.


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