How is Vehicle Livery an important marketing tool for Business?

How is Vehicle Livery an important marketing tool for Business?

What is a vehicle livery?

Before we understand the role of Vehicle livery in the marketing strategy, let us first explain what is vehicle liver? The process which transforms the appearance of a vehicle by applying vinyl graphics on it is called Vehicle livery.

These vinyl graphics help in advertising and promoting your business while on the road. Vehicle livery can be really useful in promoting your brand and making it identifiable with the customers, as thousands of people will be able to view it as it travels around.

Research shows that every hour over 3000 people could see your vehicle livery on the road. By printing your company logo and name on the side of the vehicle and mentioning the contact details in attractive graphics, the exposure which your business or company can gain from this would be vast, resulting in strong publicity for your business and future success.

What is a livery car wrap?

Vehicle livery includes two methods: vinyl graphics and livery car wraps. Vinyl graphics includes using graphics on certain areas of the vehicle like the back of the car or the side of the car. While in livery car wrap, the whole vehicle is covered or wrapped in graphics.

Can we get a partial livery car wrap done?

A partial wrap is a wonderful and cost-effective way to add a professional look to your vehicle. Discuss with our creative team exactly what you are looking for and a discounted price can be placed on your partial van livery.

Like no other form of marketing, vehicle livery can reach thousands upon thousands of new consumers every year, for just one initial price. It has been reported that up to 3,000 vehicles will see your vehicle each day, don’t miss out on such a great opportunity.

What are the benefits of vehicle livery? why is vehicle livery important for business promotions?

Livery car wraps and Vehicle livery are very important marketing tools for business. This innovative tool is far more effective than most marketing strategies as it can help your brand reach thousands of people.

Using vehicle livery is one of the most creative ways to get your brand noticed by people from different backgrounds and demographics, at the same time. It is one of the most affordable ways to promote business! Some of the most common benefits of using vehicle livery are:

Brand recognition

Vehicle livery helps customers to easily recognize your brand and associate with it. When customers regularly get to see the van livery on your company’s vehicle, they start recognizing your logo and brand name. If customers start recognizing your brand, you have achieved the first goal of advertising.

Round the Clock Advertising

Even a parked vehicle with a livery car wrap is an open advertisement. Whether the vehicle is on the move or parked, whether it is night or day, people can view the vehicle livery any time of the day. It is the best marketing tool which offers round the clock advertising of your brand and products/services. Round the clock advertising helps in reaching out to a broader audience which one may not have been able to connect through other marketing approaches.

Mass Marketing

Contrasting to online and television advertisements which target specific audiences, vehicle livery is specially designed for mass marketing. This unique way of marketing can target and reach out to thousands of people every year. As mentioned before around 3000 people may see your vehicle in a day, so just imagine how many people are you reaching out to with this amazing marketing tool. Vehicle livery is the most inexpensive way to promote your business to the masses.

Non-obtrusive advertising

People are tired of advertisers and marketing person trying to sell them something, they try to avoid these advertisements or marketing strategies. Vehicle livery is a non-aggressive, non-obtrusive form of advertising. A vehicle covered with your logo, brand name and products/services images is a nice way of grabbing people’s attention without interrupting them in their work. Hence consumers are more receptive of this kind of marketing, rather than the online and television advertisements which disturb them while they are doing something or watching something. Whether the vehicle is parked or driving on the road, people will notice the vehicle livery, which will help you reach a broader audience than you may contemplate.

Affordable and Attractive

Using vehicle livery is not always about business and promotions, beautiful graphics can make the vehicle look attractive and aesthetically beautiful. The livery car wraps are much cheaper than getting the cars to spray paint. Full vehicle wraps are fast gaining popularity thanks to their affordable prices.

Weatherproof and long-lasting

Vehicle livery need not be changed on a regular basis. It is long-lasting and can withstand all types of weather. So it is more like an onetime investment on this innovative marketing strategy.

Vehicle Protection

Other than the marketing opportunities, vehicle livery is also an excellent way to protect your car. The livery car wrap adds an extra layer of protection, allowing your vehicle to look brand new for a longer time. The livery protects the car from unwanted scratches on the paint.

What is the life of the livery car wrap?

In the UK the weather conditions are adverse and the vehicles are exposed to such severe weather conditions every day. Therefore if you are looking at vehicle livery, you would want it to withstand these adverse weather conditions. Do not worry QuickChilli uses high-quality vehicle wraps, which are sure to last longer than your vehicle.

So your investment is safe, and your promotional and marketing needs are taken care till the vehicle is on the road. Contact us at +44 (0)208 979 4898 or +44 (0)7956 264460 for more information.

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