How to start using car decals

How to start using car decals

Are you looking at advertising your business, but do not have a huge marketing budget for the same? Don’t worry; using car decals is one of the simplest and cheapest ways to advertise your business in your community.


Use car decals on your company or store vehicles this will help in easy advertising of your company as the vehicles move around the town.

People are usually bored as they wait at the signal or when they are stuck in traffic, they tend to notice everything which is around them. A bright, attractive car decal or car sticker will easily grab their attention as they twiddle their thumbs waiting in the traffic jam. 

The colourful car stickers can help generate interest or curiosity about your business in their minds. There are so many advantages to using car decals to promote your company.

Vehicle signage can easily convert your company vehicles into mobile billboards. It is a smart way to advertise a business without the target audience even realizing it.

The best part of using vehicle signage is that you can advertise your business at a minimum cost. Investing in car decals will provide you with great return on your investment as long as you ensure that the car decals are used in the right way.

The first thing is to develop and design a customized car decal which can tell the viewers all about your business. It is important to mention the company’s logo and name along with a short description or list of the products and services you are offering.

How to start using car decals for advertising or marketing their business?

1. Select the Right Vehicles

Select the right company vehicles on which you can use car stickers for business advertising.  If you have purchased a new truck or van for your store delivery or for carrying your equipment, obviously you should put car decals on the van or truck.

As wherever the vehicles will go for delivery or for attending to a customer, they would be easily noticed by the people on the road and in the vicinity. At the same time if you run a repair shop and have old vans or cars which you use for storing your tools, avoid using such vehicles for putting up the car stickers as they might end up doing more harm than good.

Because a worn-out vehicle below the car decals is what the people will remember when they think of your business, building a bad impression in their minds. Use vehicle signage on vehicles which will help build a good impression in the minds of the people, when they see them.

2. Cover maximum vehicle surface area

Earlier store owners and businesses used to use small stickers or magnets with their company name and logo on their business vehicles. Small stickers or magnets can be easily missed by the people when the vehicle passes by. It is best to try covering as much space possible on the vehicles with car decals. Using vehicle clings or vehicle wraps is a great idea to cover the entire vehicle for effective business advertising.

A vehicle completely covered with company logo, name and product information is difficult to miss, and hence there are better chances of reaching out to a wider population when the vehicle drives around in the community.

This will increase the chances of people taking notice of your company cars when they’re driving around. It’ll be pretty much impossible for people to miss a vehicle that’s completely covered in amazing graphics.

3. Highlight the Business Name and Contact information

The purpose of using car stickers is to ensure people remember your company name even when the vehicle is not in front of them. Therefore it is important to highlight your business name and display it prominently so people can notice it easily. At the same time ensure that your company’s contact information like contact numbers or email id or website address is also displayed on the back, sides and front of the vehicle, so the people can make a note of them easily.

You may add information about your social media profiles like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter handle etc. Try to provide as much information possible to the people, but remember don’t make it too cluttered. Display the name of the company and contact information clearly so those who are interested can reach you easily.  

4. Use creative and colourful graphics

Many companies believe that they should keep their car decals simple for them to be effective. But it is not always true. A good car decal should be able to grab people’s attention should be attractive enough to wow them. Therefore it is important to be creative while designing and selecting the graphics for your vehicle signage.

Another thing which will determine the effectiveness of the car decals are the colours used for the graphics. Select vibrant colours that will pop out of the vehicles and grab the eyeballs of the passersby.  Go for bright colours like fluorescent green, neon pink, bright blue etc.

Businesses providing medical facilities or church services or funeral services can opt for milder colours due to their serious nature of business.  

6. Maintain the vehicles well

After you have changed the appearance of the vehicles with car decals, the next thing is to ensure the vehicles are clean and well maintained. Accumulation of dirt and dust can affect the visibility of the car decals and make it hard to read them. Therefore it is important to keep washing the vehicles regularly and maintain them well to keep them looking their best.

Car decals will not wear off with washing. However, scrubbing and rubbing should be done carefully as to not damage the decal.

How to apply car decals?

To ensure proper application of car decals or car stickers, just follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • Clean the car surface thoroughly
  • Determine the placement of the sticker or decal. Ensure the car is dry before you start the application process
  • Peel the designed car sticker
  • Apply the sticker slowly on the car surface. Press firmly and smooth it in one direction to ensure bubbles or wrinkles is not formed.
  • Slowly peel off the backing paper while smoothing the decal. To remove the air bubbles, you can use your straight edge for gently pushing the bubble towards the edges.

How to remove car decals?

Removing decals or vehicle signage is very easy. Applying heat on the decal helps to loosen the adhesive. You can apply mild heat using a blow dryer or a heat lamp. Once the decal has heated up, it will peel off easily.

Removing the decals with external heat or hot water will leave behind no scratches and nor will it affect the actual paint of the vehicle.

Start growing your business and reach out to a wider audience with customised car decals today

So what are you waiting for? Step-up your advertising strategy and reach out to thousands of people with our range of customized car decals and vehicle signage. Using vehicle signage is the simplest and inexpensive way to attract more customers to your business.

Each time your company vehicle will go out for a delivery or a drive, more and more people will become more aware of your business and your products. Advertise and promote your brand and services 24/7 with vehicle signage and car decals from QuickChilli.

We do all types of vehicle signage, big, small, vinyl cut letters or full car wraps with pictures and graphics. Get in touch with us and our teams will explain to you the pros and cons of each type and the expenses involved. Email to us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or contact us for more information.

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