Importance of Web design for Business Growth

Importance of Web design for Business Growth

With the coronavirus pandemic, most physical business locations have been shut. This has made it imperative for any business, big or small to have a strong online presence, to build a website to reach out to its customers and continue their business online.

Your website helps determine the customer’s first impression of your brand. So in developing a website, what is the role and importance of web design? Web design plays a very important role in determining the success of your online marketing campaigns. It is a very crucial part of your brand image and business online presence.

A website should be designed keeping in mind the target audience and its expectations. The website should be designed to offer a good user experience.

In this post, we will understand the importance of web designing in today’s world. What are the benefits of good web design and how web design can help your business?

What is Web Design?

Web design involves designing of the websites by focusing on the user experience aspect of website development rather than software development. The process involves planning, conceptualizing, and arranging the content for display on the internet.

What are the basic elements of Web Design?

Below mentioned are some of the key elements which should be considered while designing your website. The elements are divided into Visual elements and Functional elements.

Visual elements

  • Colours

Colours are one of the most important elements of web design.  It is important to choose the right colours for your website, the colours chosen should be aligned with your brand and what you are trying to communicate through it.

  • Fonts

It is important to choose easy-to-read fonts for your website. The fonts chosen should complement the design and the colours selected. Selecting the right font can have a huge impact on the final look and feel of your web design. Different font styles unconsciously communicate with the viewers and are responsible for building the brand image and identity in their minds.

  • Content

Consumers visit the website looking for information. Therefore it is important to use good quality content on your website, to engage the audience and keep them interested. To maintain consistency, it is important to align the style of writing with the design of your website. The content is equally important as the overall design, basically, the look of a website and its content go hand in hand. Never separate the content from the design of the website. It is advisable to let the designers and content writers work together to create an impactful design.

  • Layout

How your content and other elements are arranged will have a huge impact on both the look and feel of the website. There are no specific rules concerning the layouts for website design, however, there are some principles that should be followed to avoid any cluttered or unattractive layout or look of the website.

  • Images

Images and graphics can communicate a lot of information and data in a matter of a few seconds. Reading long written content can become monotonous and boring for the viewer. Using attractive images or graphics in the website design can help break the monotony and make the viewing experience interesting. Using powerful images and graphics in your web design can be really beneficial.

  • Videos

Using videos is the latest trend followed by web designers. When used correctly, videos can provide the visitors a unique engrossing experience which may not be possible with only words or images. You should remember that eye-catching videos can become distracting and one should ensure that the videos do not override the content of the website.

Functional Elements

  • Navigation

Navigation is one of the chief elements which will determine the actual functioning of the website. Navigations help the visitors to discover what the website is offering and guide them to the specific pages or sections in the website where the information they are searching for is available. When visitors visit the website, they should be able to access information quickly and easily.

If the navigation is not easy to use or understand, they will not browse further and leave the page. The attention span of users is very small, it is important to have a properly designed navigation bar which will help them browse through the website easily and get the information they are looking for.

  • Speed

You may design the most beautiful website, but if has a slow loading speed, no user will have the patience to wait for it to load to access it go through it. If a website does not load within a reasonable time, the user will leave the page and go back to search results and visit your competitor's website. It is important to work on the website, compress the content and images/videos to maximize the loading speed.

  • Responsive design

With the growing dependency on mobile devices and smartphones, having a responsive design has become even more important. Your target audience can access your website from a number of devices like smartphones, tablets or desktop computers. If you want them to have a good user experience, so they continue browsing your website, it is important that you have a responsive web design.  

Responsive design ensures the viewer has a good user experience, regardless of the type of device they are using. Your website should be able to adapt to the size and resolution of any device. Responsive design helps in keeping the users engaged on the website for a longer time.

Why Web Design Matters? What is the Importance of Web Design in Business?

Your business is judged on the basis of your website. The perception of your business is created by the users, based on their experience on your website. Let us go through a few stats which show the importance of web design and how it can impact the business.

  • According to Adobe – Around 38% of users will stop browsing or using a website if the content or layout is unattractive.
  • As per the Gomez Report - 88% of visitors are less likely to return to a website if they did not have a good user experience.
  • A web credibility research from Stanford said that 75% of the company’s credibility is based on the web design of the company website.

Importance of Web Design for Business:

  • Building Credibility

A website helps build credibility for the brands. In this fast-paced digital world, businesses without websites are considered to be less credible and reliable. Consumers believe that businesses without websites are either too small or have something to hide. A website allows the consumers to see what your business and brand are all about.

Other than showcasing the products and services offered by you, you can inform the consumers about your mission, vision, and about your history. By providing consumers with detailed information about your business, you will be able to gain their trust and this will help in building a long-lasting customer relationship.

Web design helps in determining the quality and quantity of the content published on the website. The content of the website helps consumers to know more about you and build credibility. This credibility and reliability of your website will help covert the leads into sales.

  • Positive first impression

As discussed above, the website is the face of your business. The website creates the first impression for your business in the minds of the consumers. The judgment will be passed in just a few seconds; hence it is important that your website is able to create a positive first impression on them. 

An unappealing, outdated website will create a negative impression of your brand and business. Visitors will leave the page and not visit your website again if the web design is not attractive and appealing.

Why web design matters is because it impacts how your brand or business is perceived by consumers. The impression made by the web design will either get them to continue browsing your website or leave your website and visit a competitor’s website.  The positive impact of good web design helps businesses to keep their leads on the website and a chance to covert them.

  • Supports SEO strategy

A number of web design elements determine the quality and quantity of content published on the website. This is turn affects the indexing and ranking of the website on the search engines.

Many web design elements like the quality of content, page loading speed, etc. can affect your on-page SEO fundamentals. Therefore it is important to ensure that proper Web designing practices are followed for a successful SEO strategy. This will help improve your search engine rankings and visibility, resulting in higher inbound web traffic and sales.

  • Creates consistency

To grow business and increase sales, it is imperative for a business to build a strong brand image. It is essential for a business, that the target audience is familiar with your brand, so they are comfortable to do business with your brand. Web designing helps in bringing consistency between your brand image and the website design.

The use of colours and fonts associated with the brand on the website helps consumers to relate to the website. If your website design is different from your brand, it will make the website look untrustworthy and unreliable. It is also important to have a consistent design on each page of the website to make it look professional. By building consistency, you will be able to hold on to the lead's attention and get a chance to convert them.  

Create a Web design which is beneficial to your Business

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