Reopen your business post Covid-19 with Social Distancing Signage

Reopen your business post Covid-19 with Social Distancing Signage

Social Distancing Signage – The Need of the Hour

With the Coronavirus pandemic, over the last few months, people across the world have been forced to introduce a complete change in their behaviour especially socially. Practices like wearing face masks and maintaining social distancing become the new normal.

Most businesses had to be closed down or they had to operate with lesser staff or manage their business online. Now slowly with the relaxations coming in place, and businesses are preparing to reopen their businesses after the lockdown. 

So are you planning to reopen your business post the Covid-19 lockdown? Are you Covid-19 secure? As per the Governments latest guidelines pertaining to eight sectors, the businesses are required to carry out a comprehensive risk assessment before opening up. They need to create hand sanitization or hand wash booths on their premises and have to ensure that social distancing is maintained.

Using social distancing signage will help remind the people to maintain social distancing and stay at least two meters apart from each other.

Types of social distancing signage for your Business:

  1. Social distancing window stickers:

Customised social distancing window stickers can be very helpful for businesses which are planning to reopen post the lockdown. The window stickers can be informative and can help ensure that the health and safety regulations set by the government are followed.

These social distancing window stickers can be used for informing the public that the office or store is now open for business. Safety guidelines for the pandemic can be printed on the stickers, information like:

  • Face masks are compulsory.
  • Use hand sanitizer at the entrance before entering.
  • Maintain a distance of 6 feet from staff and other customers
  • Wait for your turn to enter, no more than 5 people allowed at one time
  1. Social Distancing Barrier stands and banners

Social distancing barrier stands or banners can be very useful post Covid 19 Pandemic, especially in the retail business or hospitality sector. The barriers will help you manage crowds and restrict the number of customers in the store allowing you to follow social distancing well.

Try estimating the number of people which your store can accommodate while maintaining the 6 feet distance amongst them, place banners or barrier stands accordingly so that the remaining customers can wait out in a queue.

The social distancing barrier stands can help manage the queues and the information printed on them will help remind the customers about the social distancing rules which need to be followed.

  1. Pull-up stands

Social distancing Pull up stands are ideal for use in working environments like offices, banks, schools etc. They can be placed at prominent places across the store or office or the floor, where people can read them and be reminded of the social distancing norms.  

You can use pull- up stands to tell the staff or customers to maintain 6 feet distance or you can have steps for washing hands correctly etc. The pull up stands are lightweight and compact, they can be stored easily when not in use.

  1. Wall Stickers

Wall stickers are easy to apply and remove. They can be cleaned easily and can be repositioned if required.  You can post social distancing wall stickers informing customers or staff about safety regulations and dos and don’ts to be followed during the pandemic.

They can be applied on any smooth surfaces like walls, counters, plastic or glass. They can be of any size and can be customized according to your needs and space available.

  1. Shop Signage

Shop signage both indoors and outdoors is very important to direct customers and attract them to the store. The outdoor shop signage helps in creating the first impression of the brand and the store.

So in these pandemic times using outdoor shop signage which can reassure the customers that you are taking all the required safety measures and that you worry about the safety of the customers and staff can help create a very strong and positive impression.

Indoor shop signage can be used for directing customers on how to follow social distancing while in- store or what kinds of payments accepted, no cash accepted etc.

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We can create top-quality window stickers and banners for your store or office. If you are planning to reopen your business or store after the lockdown and are worried about maintaining safety in-store, contact us at QuickChilli.

We can help design and create customized social distancing signage and window stickers for your store or office, which can help boost your business and maintain safety.

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