Tips and tricks for choosing the perfect wallpaper print & design

Tips and tricks for choosing the perfect wallpaper print & design

Wallpaper is a versatile and attractive element in interior design that can quickly transform the look and feel of any space in the house or commercial property. Whether it is a bedroom, living room, office, or café, the selection of an appropriate wallpaper design is crucial in creating a visually captivating and cohesive environment.

These decorative wall coverings serve as an excellent means to infuse intrigue and vibrant hues into various spaces. However, the process of selecting the ideal wallpaper requires careful consideration, reflecting the importance of flawless installation

Mentioned below are the tips and tricks for choosing the perfect wallpaper print & design for your residence or  commercial space.

Choosing the right colour

The ambience of a room can be significantly influenced by its colour palette. Opting for patterns with cool-colour backgrounds, such as green, blue, or violet, can create an illusion of spaciousness and elevate the perceived height of the ceiling. Soft cool colours evoke a sense of tranquillity, whereas intense cool colours introduce a fresh and dramatic flair.

Conversely, warm colours like reds, yellows, and oranges radiate warmth, hence their popularity in colder climates and efficacy in north-facing rooms. Additionally, the intensity of a colour correlates with the level of excitement it imparts to a space.

Consider the reflection of light

Maximize the use of light by selecting wallpapers that can effectively reflect it in spaces like north-facing rooms, dim hallways, or areas devoid of windows. Choose patterns featuring light colours or those incorporating metallic or iridescent inks, as they can bounce light across the room. Moreover, select wallpapers with smooth surfaces, as they are adept at reflecting maximum light. Dark hues tend to absorb light, thereby creating a perception of reduced space and proximity, while textured surfaces contribute to a darker appearance of the walls.

Select an appealing print

Selecting the ideal print can pose a challenge, hence it's advisable to opt for a design that will stand the test of time. Prioritize patterns with clear and crisp designs, ensuring uniformity and coherence in colour schemes. Assess the quality of the design by examining its clarity and coherence, as these factors contribute to a visually pleasing outcome that remains appealing over time.

Selecting patterns

Highlight the positive attributes of your space by strategically employing patterns. Vertical patterns, such as stripes, not only accentuate height but also convey a sense of dignity, vitality, and formality. Additionally, opt for vertical motifs like florals with shapes resembling a V or a U, as they create an illusion of increased ceiling height.

At the same time, horizontal patterns emphasize width, fostering an ambience of tranquillity and relaxation. They prove particularly effective in making narrow rooms appear wider, thereby enhancing the overall spatial perception.

Choosing the wallpaper style

When selecting a wallpaper style, consider the desired ambience you wish to achieve. For a formal aesthetic look and feel, choose large-scale patterns featuring bold and dramatic colours. However, if you wish to create a vibrant and playful atmosphere, choose small, open motifs like polka dots, evenly spaced throughout the design.

Borders also play a crucial role in enhancing the decorative appeal of a room. They come in a variety of motifs and styles, ranging from sports scenes to pastoral views to wildlife imagery, swiftly establishing the theme of the space and adding a finishing touch to the overall decor scheme.

Choosing the right material

Once you've settled on the desired colour and style for your wallpaper pattern, the subsequent consideration is selecting the appropriate backing material. Among the wide range of options available, we advocate for a non-woven backing primarily due to its complete strip ability when seeking a change.

Non-woven wallpaper offers several noteworthy advantages, including its washable and breathable nature. This material helps reduce any concerns regarding mould formation and boasts ease of installation, resistance to tearing, and seamless removal from the wall in a single, uninterrupted strip.

Final words

In conclusion, selecting the perfect wallpaper design for your residence or office space can be exhilarating. The above-mentioned tips and tricks for choosing the perfect wallpaper print & design can help you choose the ideal wallpaper for your space.

By considering factors like the purpose of the space, your style preferences, existing elements in the decor, and lighting conditions, you can create a space that is not only visually stunning but also harmonious and reflective of your vision.

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