Top 5 reasons for the Importance of business cards

Top 5 reasons for the Importance of business cards

Are Business cards still relevant in 2020?

Despite all the growing dependence on technology in this fast-paced digital world, business cards are still important and irreplaceable. The niche business cards have made for themselves cannot be taken away by automation or technological developments. It is common for people in business and marketing professionals to hand out their business cards when they meet potential customers to introduce themselves and to promote their business. The importance of business cards is seen at trade fairs or seminars, where they can be handed out to a large group of people who are your potential clients. Business cards are the easiest way to exchange contact details.


Why is a business card important?

TThe importance of Business cards can also be seen in the marketing and branding exercise of a company. The business cards are carriers of personal details like name, email address, phone number etc. These cards can be strategically designed to make them represent the company and its ethos. Everything from the colour combinations to the logo placement, to the choice of fonts, can help in creating the desired impact on the minds of the receiver.

For clients, business cards can determine the possible quality of the products or services of the company offering the card. Studies have shown that more than 72 per cent of the people receiving a business card form an opinion about the company depending on the quality of its business card. This proves that a business card design and its quality can determine the image and success of a business. Using high-quality card paper and exciting design can impress a new client.

What is the use of a Business card?

As seen above a business card is very important for marketing and brand building of a business. Below mentioned are five main uses of a Business card which makes them essential.

1. Sharing Contact Details

The primary use of a business card is sharing contact information with the prospective customer or business associate. A business card makes it easy to pass on important contact details like name, job title, contact number, email address and website of the company. The recipient of the business card can easily store it in a wallet or card folder for future reference. These cards come in very handy while finding company details.

Today some models of iPhones and Android phones can be used for sending contact information to another phone digitally. But the transfer or sharing can only happen if the recipient’s phone is compatible to accept such information. Not all of your customers or business associates may have compatible phones to receive digital contact details. Hence the importance of business cards remains strong.

2. Building relations by adding a personal touch

When an individual hands out their business card, they do not merely share their contact details. People generally shake hands and greet each other and have small-talk when they exchange business cards. Hence while handing out a business card, one gets an opportunity to discuss with the recipient and also gets a chance to connect with them. Talking with the potential customer or associate while handing the card creates a friendly environment, and the warmth in the discussion helps in building stronger relations.

However, one should not forget that the quality of the cards also plays a significant role. The quality and design of the business card reflects your professionalism and the quality of your products and services.

3. Creating a good first impression

To make a mark for yourself in the market, a business needs to create a good first impression. With the cut-throat competition in the market, your first impression will determine your future. Businesses are using different mediums to grab the consumer’s attention. Life moves very fast now; hence it is essential to make a great first impression quickly, so potential new clients remember you and your products. A beautifully designed and well-planned business card can help in building a favourable image of the business in the minds of the recipient. Right placement of the company logo, good use of colour and fonts and the quality of paper used for printing the cards can determine whether you will be able to create an excellent first impression or not.

4. Marketing and Promotion Tool

An articulately designed customized business card can be the best marketing and promotion tool for a business. With the growing dependence on technology and social media for promoting a business, companies have started focusing a lot on search engine optimization, email marketing, etc. to attract more business. However, the use of business cards can have a significant impact too, as while handing a card or sharing a card, your representative gets a chance to meet the customer or prospective client in person. When you meet someone in person, it is easier to build a strong image and impress them, rather than hoping for emails or technology to do that for you. Just ensure that you and your team carry business cards with them always, so they can be handed over when you meet up a prospective customer.

5. Networking Tool

Today most business transactions are done online. Businesses no longer get an opportunity to meet their prospective clients and tell them about their company and the products and services offered. Businesses can virtually contact hundreds of prospective customers through emails etc. However, bulk sending of emails is no alternative to face-to-face networking and communication, which is known to help build long term relations with customers. Business cards are essential in creating these opportunities, which can help in creating personal connections. They help in increasing sales and revenue by using the power of personal networking. Business cards can help in creating a strong brand identity and building a network of personal relationships.
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