Types of outdoor signage and their benefits for your business

Types of outdoor signage and their benefits for your business

Installing outdoor signage is the best way to market a local business. Attractive outdoor signs are one of the most effective ways to create awareness about a business and its products or services.


Outdoor signage and store signboards help in creating a unique brand image and attracting more walk-ins to the store without huge investments.

They draw the attention of the onlookers and potential clients by displaying the right message at the right place which encourages immediate purchases.

Professionally designed outdoor signs help a business build trust, promote its products and services, improve sales and attract new buyers.

Studies show that around 40% of big brands consider outdoor signs as a wonderful tool.

Outdoor signage is available in different formats and materials. Each type of signage has its pros and cons. It is important to choose the correct signage which can be beneficial to your business.

To help you choose the right signage option for your business we have listed below some of the main types of outdoor signage below and their benefits.

Types of outdoor signage

  • Sidewalk Signs

Sidewalks signs are also known as A-Frame signs and they are the signs which are placed on the sidewalk.

Sidewalk signs help stores and small businesses to advertise directly to the people passing by as they are placed in the line of sight.

They are easily portable and are not very expensive compared to other types of signage.

Sidewalk signs with changeable designs are very popular as they allow business owners to change the content or material on the board every few days or months. They are very helpful in attracting pedestrian traffic.

  • Pull up Banners

Pull up banners or popularly known as roll-up banners are cost-effective and affordable.  Similar to sidewalk signs, they are also portable and have a long life. They are built on a metal frame and the banner can be changed as and when required.

The inserts can be changed when there is a new offer to advertise or a new product launched. The metal frame remains the same, only the inserts keep changing.

They can be placed anywhere inside or outside the store or office. The banner offers ample space to put practically any amount of information. A well-designed banner can be highly effective and can catch the attention of the onlookers.  

  • Pylon Signs

A pylon sign is a sign mounted on poles. The height of the poles is high, hence they are also referred to as highway signs or road signs. The height of the pylon signs helps in catching the attention of people even from a distance.

Businesses or stores located near the highways use pylon signs to advertise their business. Illuminated pylon signs help in catching the attention of drivers while driving on highways at night.

These signs help your business to stand out, they can be used for showing directions or as a landmark. The signs can feature the brand name, tagline, illustration, or directions to the store.

The biggest benefit of this outdoor signage is that people looking for your store can easily find it.

  • Wall-Mounted Signs

Wall-mounted signs are one of the most important outdoor signage which a business should invest in. They are custom outdoor signs which can be installed directly on the walls.

They are available in various shapes and signs, they can be customized as per the store’s décor, branding colors, availability of area, etc.

Wall signs can be creatively designed to grab the attention of passersby’s when place outside and to create a strong impression on the visitors when they enter the store or building.

Wall-mounted signs can be illuminated from within or behind, you can also place lights to shine on your wall signs.

Wall signs can be used to advertise a launch of new products or services, they can be used to create a brand image or promote the business's name.

  • Window and Floor Graphics

Vinyl window graphics are a great way to attract the attention of the customers who pass by the store.

They are the best space-saving signage for the business. It makes the bland and empty window space attractive and uses it to promote your business. It is the most practical way to showcase your brand’s logo.

Floor graphics are stickers or decals which are used on the floors of the store. Both window and floor graphics are available in a wide range and variety.

They are available in the form of stickers or vinyl decals or paints. They are easy to change and very cost-effective.

You can update the upcoming offers or promotions through the window graphics. Floor graphics are helpful in giving instructions or offering directions. These custom outdoor signs are very easy-to-design and one can keep changing them to keep the onlookers interested.

  • Vehicle graphics

For businesses who have their vehicles driving around in the community for delivery purposes, vehicle graphics can be highly effective. Vehicle wraps or livery are perfect to garner maximum exposure for a business.

People can easily notice and recall the brand and business name when the vehicles are out delivering or transporting. Most importantly, vehicle graphics also provide the needed exposure even when they are parked.

Benefits of Outdoor Signage for a Business:

  • For local businesses, outdoor signs can guide and lead customers to the outlet or shop. For new businesses, they help in creating awareness about the location of the store.
  • Attractive outdoor signs which are placed at strategic locations can help in garnering the attention of passersby. They help make the business stand apart from the competition.
  • Most outdoor signage displays details about the business and its products/services. They help the customers to know more about the brand.  Signboards are effective branding tools.
  • Outdoor signs are very cost-effective as compared to other marketing and promotional tools. Their ROI is high compared, making them a significant advertising investment for small scale businesses.

Final Words

If you are looking to create a strong brand image and want to garner more attention to your brand and store you should consider investing in custom outdoor signs.

Outdoor signage can help in establishing a unique brand image and adding a visual appeal to your business. They play an important role in increasing the number of walk-ins to your store, thereby improving sales.

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