What are pull-up banners? How do they work?

What are pull-up banners? How do they work?

What are Pull up Banners?

Pull up banners or roll up banners or retractable banners are one of the most effective advertising tools for a business. They are low-cost promotional advertising tools that can help promote your brand and products.

Pull up banners are perfect for all types of business events whether seminars or trade fairs or exhibitions.  They can be placed at retail displays, reception lobbies and exhibition booths etc. 

Pull up banners are very simple to use and assemble. The roller banner stands consist of a strong base from where the banner graphic can be pulled or retracted. After it is pulled out, the banner is then secured into place with an upright pole. You don’t require any special tools or contractors to install or assemble pull up banners. They can be set up in a matter of a few seconds. 

The retractable banner stands are around 2 meters in height with different widths depending on your requirements. Banners can either be printed on one side or both sides.  Not only are they easy to set up, but they are also low-cost products making them the best choice as display solutions inside the store/office or at promotional events.

How Pull up Banner Stands Work?

The pull up banners work on a principle similar to the pull-down blind mechanism, except that it involves pulling up instead of pulling down. The spring-loaded system in the pull up banners makes them simple to operate. You just need to pull up and the banner or printed material will pop back into place with ease. These sturdy signs can stand on their own in most environments, making them an excellent choice for any occasion!

The pull up banner has three parts - base, signage, and support. The portable banner can be carried easily in a carry bag as it is not heavy. You can simply carry the banner in the carry bag wherever you go for exhibitions, trade shows etc. Just place it on the floor and insert the support rod in it, pull the banner out and clip it on the support. The pull up banner is all set up.

Benefits of Pull Up Banners

There are many reasons why these types of banner stands are an integral part of the trade fairs, exhibitions and conference industry:

  • Affordability

Retractable banner stands are one of the most affordable options for promoting and advertising a business. It is so simple to set up, that you don’t need to spend on labor for installing the banner stands. The return of investment on Banner stands is very high as you won’t be required to spend money individually for advertising to each client. Once a Banner is set up, everybody can view it and the message is passed to every prospective customer. The cost of designing and creating a pull up banner is also not high, once the banner is made it can be used for years and at various events. You do not have to spend on creating advertising material each time there is a new event or trade fair. 

  • Convenient and Portable

One of the most appealing features of retractable banner stands is how effortless they are to transport, set up, dismantle and store. Most models can be carried easily in a convenient carry bag or hard case bag which can be carried over the shoulder and taken from event to another. 

  • Eye-catching

The roll-up banners are attractive and colorful, they won’t get unnoticed by the passers-by. The high-quality graphics printed on glossy vinyl make the banners appealing. You can use any color combination and any design to make your banners look attractive. The banners can be easily placed at places where the footfall is high or where the exposure is good. Graphics and information can be printed on both sides of the banners, hence people walking from any side won’t miss a glance at them.

  • Durability

Pull up banners are highly durable and are long-lasting. The material used for printing banners is top quality, the banners are laminated to make the graphics look more attractive. This lamination protects the banner from dust, scratches or creases, thereby maintaining the quality of banners. The banners can be easily cleaned with a clean cloth or water only. Once cleaned the banner will be as good as new. You can use the banner for years without having to worry about it getting torn or worn out. 


Final Words

As seen above, pull up banners are very useful for any business wanting to create a strong impact in exhibitions, trade shows, and retail stores. They are the perfect advertising material for creating awareness and promoting the brand.

Whether you have a new product launch or are showcasing your products or services at a trade show, a portable banner is your best option for creating awareness. At QuickChilli, we are experts in printing and designing a range of pull up banners that can be used by your organization during exhibitions, trade fairs, conferences or promotional events. If you’re looking for banner options, check out our wide selection.


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