benefits of custom vinyl wrap printing

What are the benefits of custom vinyl wrap printing?

Are you looking for an effective way to protect your vehicle’s original paint? Would you want to know about a cost-effective way to transform your vehicle’s whole look while protecting its paint jobCustom vinyl wraps or car wraps are a great alternative to custom paint jobs, they help transform the appearance of your vehicle. 

If you are a business owner, then high-quality, custom vinyl wraps with eye catching graphics and designs can also help create brand awareness in your local neighbourhood.  Not only are vinyl car wraps the most cost-effective form of advertising but they also make the business look professional.

Whether you own a single car or have a fleet of trucks and cars for your business, custom car wraps will turn heads all through the day, building awareness of your business wherever the vehicle travels. In this blog post, we will delve into the benefits of custom vinyl wrap printing and explore why it has become a popular choice for individuals and businesses alike.

What are Vehicle Wraps?

Vehicle wraps are signage or graphics printed on Vinyl sheets that can be applied over the body or windows of a vehicle.  The vinyl vehicle wraps can be applied directly to the body of the vehicle without causing any damage to the original paint underneath.  You can print graphics, logos or text in colour or black and white on the vehicle wraps. They are available both in gloss or matte finish and can be installed on cars, vans, and trucks.

Vehicle wraps can be creatively used to display the company’s logo, contact information or any other important message that one wants to convey to the target audience. The vehicle can be partially wrapped or completely wrapped depending on how you want to display the information and how you want the vehicle to appear.

What is vinyl printing?

Vinyl printing involves digital printing on a vinyl sheet. One can print text, graphics, logos, high-resolution photographs etc. just like printing on paper. Vinyl printing is carried out on specialised vinyl sheets and a special hard-wearing ink is used to create the graphics. The printed vinyl sheet is suitable for outdoor exposure, without having to worry about fading in the UV light of the sun or getting damaged from water exposure during heavy rains.

If you’re still wondering whether a vinyl car wrap is the right choice for your vehicle, below mentioned are the 6 benefits of custom vinyl wrap printing, that can help you take your decision. 

Benefits of Custom Vinyl Car Wrap

  • Build brand awareness

Vinyl car wraps can play an important role in creating brand awareness. The car wraps can transform your vehicles into mobile billboards. Whether the vehicle is on the road or parked, every person or vehicle which drives by will notice it and see the car wrap. The repeated exposure to the brand name and contact details printed on the car wraps can tempt an individual to visit the store or buy the product mentioned. The familiarity with the business name and product/services offered makes the onlookers comfortable and confident while choosing the business for their product/service’s needs. 

  • One time cost

Though the cost of installation of vinyl wraps may look substantial, it is a one-time cost. Once the wraps are installed, they become 24/7 advertising tools for the company. In the case of placing ads in newspapers or purchasing space to put up billboards, the business has to spend on a regular basis to keep the ads visible to the people. With vinyl car wraps, you just have to make a one-time payment for the design, printing and installation.  The vehicle will continue to advertise the business as long the vinyl car wrap is on, with no additional costs.  

  • Cost effective

The cost of custom paint jobs for vehicles for advertising purposes is exorbitantly high. At the same time, the installation of custom vinyl car wraps is cost-effective. One can achieve the similar effects of car paint but at a lower cost. Unlike the paint, the effects of car wraps are permanent. You can get customised designs made on car wraps which may be difficult in case of car painting. With car wraps you can enjoy high-quality, high-resolution artwork at affordable prices. 

  • Local Community Reach

Whenever your vehicle drives around in the neighbourhood, the vinyl car wraps can help in targeting the local community. One does not have to worry about targeting a specific age group or specific demographics with car wraps. This type of advertising reaches everyone who sees the vehicle while it is parked or driving. It’s a fantastic way to create a strong brand image and awareness in the local community.

  • Protect the original paint

The car wraps help protect the original paint. The wraps protect the paint from UV rays of the sun and water damage due to rains/snows. Vinyl car wraps aren’t permanent, they can be removed at any time, in case you want to restore the vehicle’s original paint colour. A vinyl wrap does not void the vehicle’s paint warranty or affect the vehicle’s lease. 

  • Customizable

Vinyl wraps can be customized as per your needs. You can choose what to display on the wrap, whether you want text printed or want to display the company’s logo or want to get some graphics displayed.  Vinyl wraps are printed at a crystal-clear resolution, allowing your creativity to flow limitlessly. 

Choose a Professional Vehicle Livery Services Provider

As seen above, Vinyl car wrap printing is highly beneficial for a business. It outperforms a pricey paint job in terms of design and style, it also allows you to promote your business cost effectively. QuickChilli in Surrey has its own in-house vehicle graphics printing production. We are able to offer our customers top quality custom car graphics or car wraps.

We have the latest UV printers for printing best quality vehicle graphics. Our team of professional installers are highly trained to install the graphics neatly and beautifully on the vehicles without damaging the car paint.

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