What is Laser cut signage and its benefits for Retail Business?

What is Laser cut signage and its benefits for Retail Business?

One of the most important aspects of branding for any brick and mortar store is its signage. The signage used on the storefront is like the face of your store; it will either attract customers or put them off.

Research shows that around 76% of consumers enter an unknown store or a new store only because it has attractive and interesting signage outside. At the same time, more than 50% of people would not enter a store as it has poor or unattractive signage. Gone are the days of hand carving signs and letters or painted shop signs.

The smartest way to create visually appealing signage for your store is to go for laser cut signage. It’s time to say goodbye to hand-painted boards and use fabricated signage instead.

How is Laser Cut Signage beneficial for retail businesses?

Each business owner knows how important the store signage is for its brand image. Signage is the only type of business promotion which is visible to all the passersby whether day or night.  

Signage is very important for a business as customers can judge the quality of your products/services and your brand image is based on the quality of your store signage.

Your business needs something exceptional and can differentiate you from your competitive brands and stores. Your signage should speak about the professionalism and reliability of your brand. Fabricated signage is the best option as it looks professional and is attractive.

Laser cut signage is a popular choice among signage makers and entrepreneurs, who believe in perfection and look for precision in every aspect of their business.

Some of the benefits of Laser cut signage for retail businesses are:

  • More Precise and Accurate

Laser cutting technique is precise and neater than most of the traditional letter cutting and engraving processes. Engraving and cutting with laser give out consistent results.

Unlike the conventional engraving tools, the final result of laser cutting does not depend on the pressure applied or the physical control on the tool. Laser cutting tools are automated and do not require manual controlling.

However, one can control the motion or designing through pre-programming. The biggest benefit of laser cut signage is that no matter how many letters or signs are carved in a day, the final product and effect would be smooth and precise each time. The quality of work is not affected even if bulk signage is created.

  • Wider material choice

Laser machines are powerful instruments and they can be used to cut or engrave through any material. You can do laser carving or cutting on delicate materials like thin paper sheets and softwood or thick heavy-duty materials like metal sheets or raw wood. Currently, laser cut acrylic signs are most popular for business storefronts and other business signage.

You can create the most intricate designs with laser cutting. Therefore laser cut acrylic signs or laser cut metal signs or laser cut wooden signs are popularly used by businesses for their out-of-shop marketing, nameplates and indoor signage. However thick or hard the material is laser engraving is the most rewarding choice of creating business signage.

  • Great flexibility

With laser cutting, you have the flexibility to choose not only the material you want for your business signage, but you can choose any font type or size for the sign. Laser engraving helps to execute even the most intricate design on any material.

Thanks to the precision of laser cutting, you do not have to worry about damaging the material while engraving. With laser, you can replicate even the smallest design or trademark or logo art with correct programming.

  • Faster turnaround

Laser cutting technique has a faster turnaround time as compared to the conventional methods of cutting and engraving. A well-trained laser tool operator can deliver your laser cut signage or letters in a matter of few minutes to an hour.

It requires no long setup time. Businesses participating in trade expos or business fairs may require quick cutting and printing of signage for their display purpose. The designs need to be precise and are required to be executed at short notice.

A professional laser cutting services provider can deliver top quality, beautifully designed signage well before the deadline.

Which types of fabricated signage can be created using laser cut technology?

With laser cut technology you can create signage from almost any type of material. Below mentioned are some types of laser cut signage:

  • Laser cut Acrylic signs – Acrylic is the most popular form of material for creating signage. It can be cut extremely well with lasers.
  • Laser cut metal signs - Laser can easily cut through many metals like aluminium, mild steel, galvanized steel, stainless steels etc. to create a sturdy and beautiful laser cut metal signs. The laser flame can easily cut through the metals giving them smooth and clean edges.
  • Laser cut wooden signs – Laser can cut different forms of wooden materials extremely well, but the heat of the flame will result in lightly browned edges of the laser cut wooden signs. Wooden signs are the most common choices for signage.
  • Foam signs and Precision Boards – Materials like foam and precision boards are lightweight and porous; they can be cut easily with laser. Their porous nature allows paints to hold on for a longer period; hence you can create artistic foam signs and precision boards for your store signage.

Customized Signage Solutions for your Business

QuickChilli is a digital branding agency based out of Surrey, which is into designing and manufacturing of fabricated signs for businesses. We can design, manufacture and install any type of customized signage solutions for your business.

Whether you are looking for illuminated or non-illuminated signs, laser cut wooden signs or laser cut metal signs, we can customize them and produce them as per your requirements.

Our state-of-the-art Laser cutting printer helps our experienced team of fabricators to design and create customized fabricated signage for our clients. Our laser cutting machine can work on various materials like metals; wood, plexiglass, acrylic etc. to create durable and attractive fabricated signage.  

We at QuickChilli understand your need as a business to keep the costs down; hence we have ensured that our laser cutting services are extremely affordable, making them the ideal choice for small and medium scale businesses.

Get in touch with us and our teams will help you choose the best fabricated signage for your business. Email to us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or contact us at +44 (0)208 979 4898 or +44 (0)7956 264460 for more information

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