Why Should Your Business Have A Letterhead?

Why Should Your Business Have A Letterhead?

Are you a start-up business trying to make a way into the market? Or perhaps you are considering updating the image of your business? One of the first things you notice when you get a letter from a company is their letterhead. Having attractive letterhead conveys professionalism and, to some extent, success.

Why should your business have a letterhead?

The following are reasons why you should ensure your letterheads are of good quality.

To make a good first impression:

Letterhead is on the topmost part of your business letters. This means it is the first thing readers notice. Apart from its placement in your document, the design and colours of your letterhead attract far more attention than plain text. As a result, it must be treated as a means of adorning your company.

A sloppy letterhead will turn off readers and recipients regardless of how well-written your business letters are. On the other hand, a well-designed letterhead can help your business make a good first impression. If a lot of thought and effort is put into it, it shows your clients how much attention your business pays to quality.

Your business comes across as more professional:

When you send correspondence on letterhead paper, it makes your company appear more official and professional. Imagine opening a letter that claimed to be from a company but contained no company information! The letter could have come from anyone without the company logo and name. It is critical for a business to maintain a strong and consistent professional image, and using letterheads is an integral part of that.

An effective marketing tool:

Using letterhead paper for your letters is also an effective marketing tool. When people open your letter, they will first notice your company's information. This means that you are marketing your brand whenever you send a letter.

The appearance of the letter:

You will improve the appearance of the letter by using letterhead paper. On proper, officially headed paper, it will look far more appealing. This will help to strengthen your professional image.

Make communications easier:

Business letterheads serve a functional purpose in addition to influencing how people perceive you. They can help your clients communicate more effectively.

Aside from your name, a letterhead can include essential contact details. The recipients of your letter will have all the information they need to contact you, whether it is your address, email, or phone number.

If someone is expecting correspondence from you, including your business logo on an envelope helps them find you in a stack of mail. This results in a more dependable line of communication.

Personalised letterhead is also an excellent way to establish your identity within a company. For example, if you are an account representative or a sales team member, using your own letterhead reinforces the type of personalised service you offer.

Your clients will appreciate this level of convenience. This could result in increased retention and revenue.

Stand out from your competition:

Decisions to do business with one organisation over another can sometimes come down to minor details. A visually attractive letterhead can provide you with the competitive advantage you require.

Assume you are sending out solicitations to gain new clients. Your personalised letter and one from your competition are delivered to one of your potential clients on plain white copy paper. Which one appears to be more professional?

This is where being inventive comes in handy. Letterhead does not have to be boring. Do not be afraid to add a visual element to make it stand out.

Make Your Brand Image Strong With Letterhead

A professional, one-of-a-kind appearance is essential for any business. This should extend beyond your products and website. Even your physical correspondence reveals something about your personality.

Invest in business letterhead to reap the benefits discussed above. It will be worthwhile in the long run.

QuickChilli's custom, high-quality letterhead printing services will help you leave a lasting impression on your clients and business associates. QuickChilli is a Surrey-based digital branding agency.

Whether you are making a company announcement, sending a job offer letter, or submitting a proposal for a new project, you will need professional letterhead to make a lasting impression on the receiver.

QuickChilli provides in-house custom letterhead design and printing services that are both professional and affordable. If you do not already have artwork ready to be printed on the letterheads, we can assist you in designing the letterhead and its content. We can also print letterheads from pre-existing designs that you provide in print-ready format.

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