Hersham Foot Ball Club.

Hersham Foot Ball Club.

Out Door fixed aluminium Pole sign, made in two parts.

QuickChilli is a signage and printing company specialising in designing, printing, and installing signs for businesses and organizations. In the case of Hersham Football Club's main pole sign, the process may have been as follows:

  1. Design: The first step in the process would be to design the sign. This involved working with Hersham Football Club to understand their branding, style, and messaging requirements for the sign. QuickChilli's reated a digital mockup of the sign using graphic design software using Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. The design included the layout, font, and colour scheme of the sign, as well as any graphics and logos that needed to be included.

  2. Printing: Once the design was finalized, we went to print. QuickChilli uses high-quality printing equipment such as large format printers to produce the sign on durable materials such as vinyl, PVC, or aluminium. The printing process would involve creating a digital file of the design and sending it to the printer, which would then print the sign on the chosen material, in this case, it was ACM.

  3. Manufacturing: After the sign is printed, it would then be cut to size and assembled into its final form. This may involve attaching the sign to a frame or mounting it on a pole. QuickChilli's manufacturing team would ensure that the sign is well-constructed and ready for installation.

  4. Installation: The final step is to install the sign at Hersham Football Club's location. QuickChilli's installation team would transport the sign to the site and use specialized equipment to mount it on the pole. They would ensure that the sign is securely attached and properly aligned.

Overall, the process of designing, printing, manufacturing, and installing Hersham Football Club's main pole sign would involve close collaboration between QuickChilli and the football club to ensure that the final product meets the club's needs and branding guidelines.


26 March 2022


Fabrication, Signage

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