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Safety signage within the workplace is essential to inform and warn the employees of potential hazards which could have an effect on their health or well being or to protect them and keep them safe. The employers are legally required to ensure that the workplace is safe to work, and the life or health of the employees is not at any risk. It is important that they adhere to health and safety regulations. Use of safety signage or safety stickers across the workplace helps to keep the employees informed about the potential risks and what precautions and steps they need to take in case of any unforeseen eventuality.

QuickChilli – Best Safety Signage and Stickers Manufacturer and Supplier

QuickChilli is a designing and branding company based out of Surrey. We are manufacturer and supplier of different types of safety signage and safety stickers for the workplace. You can choose from our ready templates for safety signs and safety stickers or can get customized signs and stickers made as per your requirements. Our products are of top quality and we guarantee that the quality we offer is the best in the market. All our safety signage and safety stickers are manufactured using British high-quality grade vinyl having a lifetime of at least 5 to 7 years. Our range of safety stickers is laminated to provide additional protection and to prolong their life. All the safety signage and safety stickers are printed in high resolution, as better the resolution better is the visibility which is very critical when safety aspects are concerned.


Some of the Safety Signage and safety stickers we produce are:

Corona Safety stickers

With the growing Coronavirus pandemic across the world and businesses slowly opening up for their staff and customers, it has become very important to keep reminding them about the safety measures which need to be taken to avoid Coronavirus infection. Workplaces need to have Coronavirus stickers or signage all across the store or office. Right from protective screens for the employees to social distancing signs and stickers we have a wide range of Coronavirus stickers or signage for use in different situations. You can use our anti-slip floor stickers which mark where customers should stand to maintain social distance, banners and posters explaining your safety policies or choose from our range of wall stickers or decals to highlight the safety rules and regulations.


Hazard Warning Signs

Hazard Warning signs or stickers are easily identifiable as they are generally yellow in colour with black borders. They are triangle in shape and they can be pasted or placed near places which are dangerous or hazardous in the office or store. These warning stickers or signs alert the employees and visitors of hazards but also guide them to prevent them from causing accidents. The warning signs and stickers are generally used to warn about three levels of potential danger. The Danger signs warn the employees or visitors that the risk involved could end up causing death. These signs have minimal words to avoid wasting time in reading matter or information. Next are the Warning signs, which inform of a risk which could end up causing a minor or moderate injury. And finally, there are the Caution stickers or signs, which inform the employees about the risks associated due to careless handling of the equipment.

Fire Safety Stickers

Fire safety stickers are an excellent way to guide the fire-fighters and the general public in case of a Fire. The main purpose of these fire safety stickers is to indicate to the people about the whereabouts of nearby fire safety equipment and in some instances how to use them. Fire safety stickers are also useful for alerting people to activate the fire alarm and to indicate the emergency assembly points. Proper display and use of fire safety stickers and signs can help several lives in case of an emergency; this is a very important safety aspect for any public or commercial building.

First Aid Signs

In case of an accident or emergency at the workplace, it is important that your employees or visitors are able to find first aid quickly. Proper signage which can direct the employees or visitors to the first aid stations and medical help can be really helpful in creating a safer work environment. Our range of First aid signs can be surface mounted or flange mounted to project from the wall or ceiling for easy viewing. First aid stickers are also available for pasting on the walls or in the first aid station for directions and for providing emergency contact information, CPR and AED instructions, emergency eyewash locations and more.


No Smoking Signs and Stickers

Use of No Smoking Signs or Stickers helps in providing a constant reminder to the employees and visitors that smoking is not allowed in the premises or the office or store. No Smoking signs and stickers are available in different sizes, so they can be easily placed or pasted at various places visible to the onlookers. The signs or stickers could be used to either pass on a stern warning or an informative message about smoking. We can also print multilingual stickers so that the message is clear to everyone.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are QuickChilli's safety signage and stickers compliant with regulations?
Yes, our complete range of safety signage and stickers are designed to comply with relevant safety regulations. Our priority is to clearly and accurately convey safety information, ensuring workplace safety and compliance.
2. Can QuickChilli's safety signage and stickers be used in various work environments?
3. How does resolution impact the visibility of safety signage and stickers?

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