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In the online world, Video is one of the fastest growing mediums of promotion and advertising. As a business or an enterprise whether you intend to educate, entertain, or influence the viewers, you will need to use a medium which can grab their eyeballs and keep them engrossed. What better than using videos to represent your brand and increase its recall value? Right from producing corporate videos to using videos for content marketing or using videos to provide insights into your products or services, we at QuickChilli can help you with our video editing services. QuickChilli is a digital branding agency based out of Surrey.

A lively, interesting video delivering a strong message can become the most effective form of promotion, which will reach and have a strong impact on the target audience, which the other forms of marketing fail to reach.

Whether big or small, all videos which are shot need to be edited to get the best out in the final video. If you have shot footage of your product or service or want to covert footage which you have shot into a film, our experienced and very talented video editing staff can work on it and convert it into a beautiful video. You can use this video for promoting your products or services, or to educate the customers about your company and services. QuickChilli is a popular choice for top companies and businesses in Surrey and across the country, when they want to avail video editing services.

It is rightly said that a Picture speaks a thousand words, therefore in business too, using a well edited video presentation will have a strong impact on the audience. We at QuickChilli use Final Cut Pro X for super-fast video editing. We have been offering video editing services to Research and Focus groups for over a decade, creating 1hours of video clips for capturing the hours of research spent for the presentation. We also have all the tools required for filming, managing the lights, sound and also an auto prompt for a full news production.

While building your marketing strategy, the most effective way is to use a variety of channels to cater to and attract maximum audience. Using videos as part of a marketing strategy is fast becoming popular in the corporate world. Videos have an impressive capacity to engage its viewers and show character, this ensures that your company gets an upper hand over its competition.

Our team of video editors are very well versed with different technical arts, they are so involved in their work and monitor it with an eagle’s eye. They know it when is the precise time to cut the footage or at which point the footage can be merged with other material. If you are looking to upload your video or film to any hosting sites or want to broadcast it, our editors will ensure that the sound quality is in tune, the title sequences or credits are checked thoroughly before the video is rolled.

Editing even simple corporate footage requires deep understanding the narrative. Our editors will have a firm grasp of the story which you want to project, and will piece it together to have a perfect finished product. Our editors are master storytellers and know just how a video should be paced, so that the viewers do not lose interest and remain hooked to the video.

Our video editing services if required can be completed in our offices, or our team can visit the location or at your office. Our video editing services team offers clean, creative and fresh editing styles, ensuring that any kind of footage provided by you, will be given a distinct impressive look.

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